Post-Amputation Rehabilitation Centre

In July 2014, the Post-Amputation Rehabilitation Centre was opened at the Magdalena Unit of the East-Tallinn Central Hospital. The mission of the Centre is to provide patient-friendly and multi-profile rehabilitation in a modern setting.
Not only amputees, but all patients in need of rehabilitation are welcome at our modern centre. Rehabilitation services provided at the centre are also indicated for a variety of traumas, endoprostheses and neurological conditions.
Our team includes top medical professionals, such as doctors, nurses, prosthetists, physiotherapists, occupational therapy specialists and rehabilitation assistants.

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Prostheses, orthoses individual orthopaedic insoles

All devices produced at our centre are registered and entered into the Medical Device Registry of the Health Board.

An anti-gravity treadmill (AlterG)

AlterG is also indicated for neurological conditions, athletes recovering from injuries and patients recovering from su...

GRAIL system

The GRAIL system is ideal for patients with neurological, orthopaedic and musculoskeletal conditions who are in need of...

Occupational therapy

Occupational therapy involves teaching the patient skills that enable him to cope in daily settings. The goal is to ass...

Training apartment

The training apartment consists of a small kitchen area opening to the living room, a bathroom and a bedroom. The apart...

Clinic of Medical Rehabilitation – modern and renowned


Clinic is divided into three units: inpatient, outpatient and rehabilitation care


A modern Amputee Care Centre helps civilians and military servicemen who have returned from missions


The purpose of the clinic is to help patients return to their daily activities and restore the abilty to work through rehabilitation care

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Occupational Therapy
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